Experts from both the public and private sectors who work on pubic space, housing, mobility and utilities to give our teams advice and expertise.

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Pre-event 7pm, Aug 28th

Share your challenges 9am to 1pm Saturday, Sept 8

Give feedback on ideas 9am to 1pm, Sunday, Sept 9

Your expertise

Public space

Malls. Overhead walkways. Sitting-out areas. Sidewalks. Streets. Parks. Beaches. Plazas. Street cleaning. Benches. Playgrounds. Trash cans. Street lights. How do we use them? Why are there so many funny rules? What else is possible?


Apartment blocks. Communities. Housing complexes. Lobbies. Postboxes. Clubhouses. Co-living. Rules and regulations. Building management. How do we live together? How do we share our spaces? Could they be more accessible? What else can we do?


Trams. Cars. Bus stops. Walkways. Push-carts. Bikes. MTR. Buses. Taxis. Gondolas. Stations and stops. Stairs. Airports. Feet. How do we get around the city? How do we move stuff? What else is possible?


Water. Electricity. Landlines. Mobile phones. Internet. Gas. Pipes. Wires. Police. Fire department. Libraries. Post offices. How do we access utilities? How do we interface with them? Is there anything else we all need?