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City Jam

Design your city. Everyday
touchpoints and interactions.
24-26 August 2018


City Jam is a two-day, design-led hackathon. At it, experienced designers work together designing services for Hong Kong. Teams will develop concepts that look forward to the future of the city, while being founded in the reality of public services today.

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City Jam

Founded in real challenges

Experts will join at key moments to inform the designer’s process. Coming from the city’s biggest public service providers, they’ll add a dose of reality our the work.

Collision of minds

With designers and experts from all different backgrounds in the room, we’ll work across institutional boundaries to find the opportunities that lie in the gaps. 

All the themes

Rather than pigeonholing our work into sectors, we are looking at a broad array of challenges all at once: housing, public space, mobility and utilities.

What are we working on?

Innovate the city

Public space

Malls. Overhead walkways. Sitting-out areas. Sidewalks. Streets. Parks. Beaches. Plazas. Street cleaning. Benches. Playgrounds. Trash cans. Street lights. Public toilets. How do we use them? Why are there so many funny rules? What else is possible?


Apartment blocks. Communities. Housing complexes. Lobbies. Postboxes. Clubhouses. Co-living. Rules and regulations. Building management. How do we live together? How do we share our spaces? Could they be more accessible? What else can we do?


Trams. Cars. Bus stops. Walkways. Push-carts. Bikes. MTR. Buses. Taxis. Taxi drivers. Gondolas. Stations and stops. Stairs. Airports. Feet. How do we get around the city? How do we move stuff? What else is possible?


Water. Electricity. Landlines. Mobile phones. Internet. Gas. Pipes. Wires. Police. Fire department. Libraries. Post offices. How do we access utilities? How do we interface with them? Is there anything else we all need?


Design our city's future.

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Experienced designers, technologists and business innovators should join the challenge. You’ll meet, work with and learn from people from all kinds of backgrounds.

Learn from each other.

Collaborate with the city’s best service and experience designers. Work together. Learn from each other. Break out of your day to day.

Everyday issues.

Get outside your routine topics, and work on things that affect everyone in the city everyday.

Meet the experts.

Get to know the people who make Hong Kong’s public services happen. Learn from what they know. Share your inspiration and ideas with them.



City Experts

See the future.

Get ideas about how the city could work. 

Up your game.

Learn how design thinking is used in innovation. Bring this new mindset back to your job.

Meet the designers.

Get to know the people who design Hong Kong’s most innovative experiences, apps and services.



Friday, you’ll be up to your ears in post-its. Saturday, you’ll have a finished prototype.



9am to 10pm

Come up with ideas. Talk to experts. Pick a challenge. Build teams. Get to work. Research the problem. Talk to users. Map and sketch solutions. Make mistakes. Have fun.


9am to 9pm

Make rough prototypes. Make fancy prototypes. Keep talking to users. Keep building your idea. Get in a fight. Present your prototype. Win a prize. Celebrate. 


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Support the community.

Our jam is the meeting place of the most innovative people in Hong Kong. By partnering with us you’ll meet these talented people, and get firm footing in the local UX and service design community.