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Hong Kong Service Jam

Challenge your thinking and build your creative confidence at this design-driven hackathon.


November Event Cancelled

9-11 March, 2018
Hong Kong

Join us for a the Global Service Jam, a weekend of prototyping an experience, product or service that never existed before.

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Build invisible things.

Services aren’t tangible, and designing them is a challenge. You’ll get the chance to try new tools and approaches, and get help from top-notch mentors along the way.


Come up with a billion ideas and learn how to pick just the right one.

Research your customer. Learn what they care about and how they live and work.

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Work with new people. Meet new minds and learn how they take on problems and work.

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Build. Make your idea real, through maps, visualisations and prototypes.


Jamming is for everyone.


Bigger than your job title?

Designers who can do more than their job titles demand become service designers. At the service jam you’ll learn to take a broad approach and have a bigger impact.


Design-curious coder?

Code is great, but it’s just one part of the puzzle. Learn how to use tech to make human-friendly value propositions at the jam.


Entrepreneur struggling to design your business?

Making something from nothing is scary. Entrepreneurs can learn how to swim through ambiguity and make decisions your customers will love at this weekend workshop.


New to design-thinking?

Design is a powerful way to solve sticky problems and give your business strategic direction. You’ll skip the slides and theory, and learn by doing at the jam.



Saturday, you’ll be up to your ears in post-its. Sunday, you’ll have a finished service.


7pm to 11pm

Find out the surprise theme. Come up with ideas. Build teams. Get to work.


9am to 10pm

Work in teams. Research the problem. Talk to users. Maps and sketch solutions. Make rough prototypes. Make fancy prototypes. Make mistakes. Have fun.


9am to 5pm

Keep talking to users. Keep building your idea. Keep prototyping. Concoct a business model. Present your prototype. Win a prize. Celebrate.


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Support the community.

Our jam is the meeting place of the most innovative people in Hong Kong. By partnering with us you’ll meet these talented people, and get firm footing in the local UX and service design community.